Princess Diana let Harry eat treacle tarts for breakfast and would ‘help with washing up’, former chef reveals

Princess Diana let Harry eat treacle tarts for breakfast and would ‘help with washing up’, former chef reveals

April 15, 2019 0 By Today news

PRINCESS Diana allowed Prince Harry to indulge his sweet tooth at breakfast and would even help with the washing up in the Palace kitchen, her former chef has revealed.

Carolyn Robb was the first female chef Prince Charles ever employed and began working at Kensington Palace in 1989.

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According to a former Palace chef, Princess Diana allowed Prince Harry to have treacle tarts for breakfast[/caption]

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the 53-year-old revealed how Diana would allow her youngest son to enjoy sweet treats for breakfast.

Carolyn recalled how Prince Harry once crept into the kitchen at Kensington place “before breakfast and asked for [a treacle tart]”.

Not wanting to step on his mother’s toes, Carolyn asked the Prince – who was just four years old when she began working at the Palace – to go and check with Princess Diana.

She recalled: “So off he went, scampering back a few minutes later with a note Diana had written: ‘Mummy says it’s okay’.”

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Carolyn Robb says she would even keep Harry’s favourite tarts in the freezer so they could be given to him at a moment’s notice[/caption]

Recognising Diana’s handwriting immediately, Carolyn added: “I have always treasured this wonderful little note.”

The former chef also revealed how Diana would get involved in the kitchen and “often helped with the washing up”.

What’s more, Carolyn described how she would keep a supply for tarts in the palace freezer for Prince Harry while his older brother William preferred a chocolate biscuit cake.

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Carolyn Robb, 53, worked at Kensington Palace for 11 years from 1989[/caption]

Princess Diana was equally “very easy to cook for and loved simple things”, such as “cold minted lamb, salads, souffles, stuffed aubergine”.

In contrast, Prince Charles “could be more demanding” and insisted on eating what “was in season in the garden”.

After the Royal couple’s divorce was finalised in 1996, Carolyn remained as a chef for Prince Charles until 2000 and would “put biscuit cake and flapjacks” in William and Harry’s lunchboxes to offer a little comfort during that “tricky time”.

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