Conor McGregor’s latest US meltdown may have violated terms of last year’s plea deal, legal experts warn

Conor McGregor’s latest US meltdown may have violated terms of last year’s plea deal, legal experts warn

March 14, 2019 0 By Today news

CONOR McGregor’s latest US meltdown may have violated the terms of last year’s plea agreement, legal experts have warned.

The Notorious is due back in court over claims he took a phone from fan Ahmed Abdirzak outside a club in Miami Beach, Florida, in a “strong-armed robbery” case.

McGregor is due back in court for allegedly smashing a fan’s phone
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The Irish Sun can reveal Conor’s late-night controversy came just hours after his family flew home from the States, where they’d been enjoying an extended break.

The shamed fighter treated his extended gang of loved ones to a sunshine stay where they celebrated his mother Margaret’s 60th birthday in the luxury Versace Mansion.

But they flew home before the dad-of-two partied into the early hours, where he was seen in the company of rappers and NFL stars.

Conor’s sister Erin was later spotted at an event launch in Dublin on Monday night, hours after her brother’s latest arrest.

Dmitriy Shakhnevich believes the latest incident could come back to haunt him

New York lawyer Dmitriy Shakhnevich believes McGregor’s brush with the law could see last year’s legal problems return to haunt him.

Shakhnevich told the Irish Sun: “Yes, he may have violated the conditions of his case in New York.

“They can technically resurrect that case now if the Brooklyn DA so chooses.

“The fact that he had another case just several months ago will also hurt him in this case now in Florida. It’ll hurt plea negotiations.”

Shakhnevich, who hosts MMA podcast The Fight Lawyer, added: “If the NY case is resurrected, he could possibly face a criminal conviction and certain immigration consequences, though that is unlikely.”

But Conor’s lawyer, Sam Rabin, is confident that McGregor will “successfully defend this case” and will not face any jail time.

Ahmed Abdirzak

He told Newstalk: “I believe at the end of the day that we will successfully defend this case.

“I can’t tell you what the outcome will be, but I certainly don’t see him going to jail over something like this.”

Conor narrowly avoided jail last year for the Barclays Centre meltdown after agreeing to community service and anger management classes as part of a plea deal with US prosecutors.

The latest incident happened outside the nightclub Liv – which is part of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida.

Abdirzak, 22, claims he feared for his life when the MMA legend allegedly “punched” his iPhone 8 from his hand and repeatedly stamped on it.

The restaurant manager, from Slough, Berks, had been attempting to video McGregor outside a club on Miami Beach on Monday morning when tensions flared.

McGregor attacked a bus in Brooklyn last year

He insisted he was about 15ft away when he began recording the 30-year-old fighter, who was reportedly shouting lyrics from a rap song.

Ahmed, a dad-of-one, said he thought the star was reaching out his arm to shake his hand when he allegedly grabbed his arm.

He added: “I looked into his face and his eyes were bulging. He was so angry.

“He walked away with that trademark McGregor strut that you see him enter the ring with in the UFC.

“I’m not going to lie, I was scared for my life – the guy is a lethal weapon.”