‘Real-life Rapunzel’ with 5ft 6in-long hair claims PEANUT BUTTER has helped her locks grow to her ankles

‘Real-life Rapunzel’ with 5ft 6in-long hair claims PEANUT BUTTER has helped her locks grow to her ankles

February 12, 2019 0 By Today news

THIS ‘real-life Rapunzel’ has a 5ft 6ins long mane and claims peanut butter is the secret to her luscious locks.

Andrea Stano munches on a spoonful of the protein-packed snack every day and takes up to 45 minutes grooming her ankle-length hair.

‘Real-life Rapunzel’ Andrea Stano swears peanut butter is the secret to her long locks
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The 34-year-old munches on a spoonful of peanut butter every day
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The 34-year-old, who’s never got a professional haircut, said: “I eat peanut butter every day.

“I truly believe this step keeps my hair healthy, and helps it to grow faster and thicker.

“If I am travelling or forget to eat peanut butter for a week or two, I can always tell a difference.

“When I eat peanut butter every day, my hair is easier to comb out and does not fall out as easily when I am brushing it.”

Her amazing locks are 5ft 6ins long and come down to her ANKLES
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Andrea also puts coconut oil on her hair and takes vitamins but says peanut butter is her secret ingredient
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Andrea likes to dress up as Disney’s Rapunzel
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Andrea, who is originally from Micronesia and lives in the US with her husband Justin Satno, washes her strawberry blonde locks twice-a-week and also applies a 15-minute hair mask weekly.

She said: “I have always had long hair since I was a little girl.

“I grew up in Hawaii and in Micronesia, where most women and girls have long hair, but I have always loved keeping mine long and healthy.

“People are very kind and complimentary about my hair.

“They admire how I have it braided and when they ask how long it is they are always shocked to hear it is ankle length.

“Sometimes I am compared to a real-life Rapunzel. I love the story, especially the Disney Tangled version. Her hair is definitely an inspiration.”

Can peanut butter really help hair growth?

Peanut butter contains four key things which are said to be good for hair growth:

  • Protein: which hair follicles are mostly made of
  • Biotin: essential for the production of hair protein keratin. A deficiency can cause brittle locks or even hair loss
  • Palm oil: which is meant to be good for skin, nails and hair
  • Alpha-tocopherol: a type of vitamin E which helps hair follicles grow stronger

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can work miracles.

Good Housekeeping‘s nutrition director Jaclyn London previously revealed: “As long as you’re a healthy adult eating regular meals and snacks daily, it’s highly unlikely that peanut butter will be the game-changer that expedites your hair growth. Sorry!”

Despite the length of her hair, Andrea insists her locks hardly ever get tangled.

She maintains them using a wide tooth comb she’s had for years as well as a bamboo brush – and gets regular trims from family members to keep the ends healthy.

Andrea also takes daily hair vitamins, fish oil and collagen – as well as putting coconut oil and Tahiti’s monoi oil on the ends.

She said: “I would be very sad to cut my hair. I like having ankle length hair, although healthy hair is also important to me. I like for the ends of my hair to be thick.

She says people are always shocked when they find out how long her hair is
Andrea’s never been to a professional hairdresser
Caters News Agency
She loves experimenting with different hairdressers and insists her locks aren’t hard to maintain
Caters News Agency
She sometimes gets trims off her mum or husband, who also recommends hairstyles for her to try
Caters News Agency

“I have never been to a hair stylist so it is either my mum or my husband who trim my hair.

“My husband loves my hair and thinks it is beautiful. Sometimes he suggests hairstyles for me to try.

“Long hair has given me opportunities to meet new friends around the world.

“I have many good friends now who I first met through our mutual interest in long hair, and soon we became friends for other reasons.

“Long hair can bring us together even though we are far apart.”

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