Mum mortified after daughter, 12, hides under bed and hears her dirty talking with husband

Mum mortified after daughter, 12, hides under bed and hears her dirty talking with husband

February 12, 2019 0 By Today news

AS ANY parent knows, it’s a struggle to find a moment to yourself when your kids are in the house.

And one mum has been left mortified after her 12-year-old daughter overheard a private moment with her husband.

A mum has been left mortified after her daughter overheard her dirty talking with her husband
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Posting on Reddit, the woman revealed her daughter was hiding at the foot of her bed, waiting to scare her parents, when she was privy to a rather rude conversation between Mum and Dad.

The mum explained: “Not knowing she was there, my husband and I start talking dirty to each other. She then jumps up, unintentionally scaring the s*** out of us and run out the room.

“My husband and I are now completely confused on how to proceed. She ran in her room and closed the door.

“I never thought something like this would happened to us. Lord help us. I’m just glad she jumped up when she did or it could of been worse.”

In an attempt to make the mum feel better, some of her fellow Redditors shared their own horrific childhood memories.

One revealed: “Hahahahahaha this happened to me when I was like 6. I was hiding UNDER my parents bed to scare them and they started having sex.

“I was mortified and was scared to leave because I didn’t want them to see me so I stayed there and covered my ears – pretty sure I slept under their bed that night.

“I have yet to tell them this story and I’m 22”.

The mum is absolutely mortified – but admitted it could have been worse if her daughter didn’t jump out when she did
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While a second said: “I walked in on my parents going at it as a kid.

“I was feeling sick and then my dad panicked and jumped out of bed completely naked, and I finished my sentence by projectile vomiting everywhere.

“I survived, but I’m not sure their sex life did lol.”

And a third added: “My friend told me about a conversation he overheard on a train, a little girl asking her mum ‘But why did you have daddy’s willy in your mouth?’

“Guess she had walked in at that moment too!”

But others felt the experience was a good life lesson for the girl, who shouldn’t be sneaking up on people at her age.

One said: “TBH, it teaches them how to knock first or just wait until you guys come out of the room. My girls both walked in on us from not knocking, never happened again.”

While a second said: “That’ll teach her to sneak up on people.”

And one mum advised: “You just need to talk and tell her that she needs to give you guys time alone to do ‘adult things’ after she goes to bed.”

Another mum agreed, adding: “This is such a great teaching opportunity.

“If you’re open about sex and such in your home it would be great to talk about consent and when it’s ok to talk to a woman in a ‘dirty’ way. Good luck!”

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