Bikini waxers reveal top Valentine’s Day trends, including Cupid’s arrow, a lightning bolt, hearts and even INITIALS

Bikini waxers reveal top Valentine’s Day trends, including Cupid’s arrow, a lightning bolt, hearts and even INITIALS

February 12, 2019 0 By Today news

WITH Valentine’s Day around the corner people are busy buying gifts or pampering themselves ahead of the big night.

For women, often that hot date requires a trip to the salon first for a wax.

French triangle

This style is more of a twist on a classic

And while Hollywood, Brazilians and even the bikini line is a common request – waxers have revealed in the run-up to February 14 people like to get creative.

It seems they want to impress their partner, and give them an extra surprise.

From classic love hearts to their partner’s initials, people like to get adventurous.

Natalia Romanenko, senior therapist at Strip: Ministry of Waxing in Nolita, told the New York Post: “Valentine’s is when we get a lot of shape requests for Brazilian waxing.

V for Valentine’s

You won’t forget what day it is with V for Valentine’s Day down there

“Hearts are the most basic, but we receive requests for initials, stars, thunderbolts and even faces.”

Meanwhile Candance Spilman, therapist at Bliss spa, told Glamour: “When not going bare, our biggest shape requests are for a ‘V’ for V-Day, Cupid’s arrow, or a lightning bolt.”

Fellow waxer at the salon, Megan McGhee, added: “Last week, one of my clients requested a ‘T’ for Tom.”


At least if you break up, this will grow out

And people also like to add a twist on a classic style, if they don’t want to go for something too outrageous.

Jeannette Abou-Mourad, waxer at of the Sisters Skin Care and Waxing salon, also told the website: “Some of them just want a little tuft the size of a stamp.

“The other 10 per cent get the ‘French’ style, where the hair looks like an arrow pointing down.”

Cupid’s Arrow

This style probably takes some precision

The star

This looks as if it requires a lot of attention to detail

Lightning bolt

This makes us think of Harry Potter’s scar

Love heart

This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day wax

The stamp

This is a very neat style to rock for the big night

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