Woman uses TOOTHPASTE to clean her scorched frying pan in just five minutes

Woman uses TOOTHPASTE to clean her scorched frying pan in just five minutes

February 11, 2019 0 By Today news

THERE’S nothing worse than a scorched frying pan when it comes to doing the washing up.

Now one cleaning whizz has revealed how to banish burnt patches for good in just five minutes – by using toothpaste.

A woman has made this burnt frying pan look as good as new in just five minutes using toothpaste
5-Minute Crafts/Facebook
Simply squeeze out the toothpaste in a circular motion
5-Minute Crafts/Facebook

The clever hack was shared on Facebook group 5-Minute Crafts last month.

And, unlike other methods, it won’t scratch your pan – because there’s no scouring brush required.

Simply squeeze a dollop of toothpaste into a circle on your pan (they use Aquafresh Intense Clean).

Then use a damp sponge to scrub in a circular motion to lift the burnt patches. You should see the residue start to turn from black to brown and mix in with the toothpaste.

Then scrub and watch the burnt patches lift away
5-Minute Crafts/Facebook

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Once you’ve covered the entire pan in toothpaste, place it under a hot tap to run the mixture away.

Continue to scrub the pan with your sponge – until it’s completely clean.

The video has racked up more than 84,000 likes, 62,700 shares and 1,600 comments.

People were seriously impressed, writing: “May try that next time, I (usually) just throw the pan”.

The pan looks as good as new after being rinsed with warm water
5-Minute Crafts/Facebook

Others shared their own frying pan cleaning hacks.

One woman wrote: “Try dishwasher soap in the pan and add water put pan on stove on low let simmer comes right off!”

And another lad added: “i use liquid laundry detergent” to remove “heavy grease” from a frying pan.

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