The top pop song from the year you were born

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Cher oscars 1998

Every year, the Billboard 100 chooses the best performing pop song from the previous year, based on units sold and chart performance.

Some of these songs never even hit number one, like “Hanging by a Moment,” but it was on a Billboard chart for almost a full year, ubiquitous on the radio and in pop culture.

There are also a few one-hit wonders on the list, ranging from “Bad Day” of “American Idol” fame to “Somebody That I Used to Know,” by Australian singer Gotye.

Scroll on to see what the top pop songs have been for the past 50 years.

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1968: “Hey Jude” — The Beatles

“Hey Jude” was originally titled “Hey Jules,” after John Lennon’s son Julian.

Watch the music video here.

1969: “Sugar, Sugar” — The Archies

The Archies were a virtual band comprised of characters from the Archie comics: Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Reggie.

Watch the music video here.

1970: “Bridge Over Troubled Water” — Simon and Garfunkel

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” won five Grammys in 1971.

Listen to the song here.

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