I found out my parents are swingers and I am totally disgusted

I found out my parents are swingers and I am totally disgusted

January 12, 2019 0 By Today news

DEAR DEIDRE: RECENTLY, I discovered that my parents are swingers.

Mum meets guys on the internet for sex.

I am sickened that my mum meets strangers for sex
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I am totally disgusted.

I am a male aged 17 and my parents are both 41.

I noticed my mum is dressing in a far more revealing way these days and I am just so embarrassed.

Then I found images on a website of my mum having sex with a bloke while my dad watched.

They both seem normal at home but I found these pictures so other people we know could find them, too.

I really don’t know what to do about my discovery.

No wonder you feel shocked.

DEIDRE SAYS: We struggle to cope with the idea of our parents having any sort of sex life, let alone a raunchy one.

I suggest you tell them you came across pictures of them on the internet and found it embarrassing.

Then focus on your own life.

You are not responsible for your parents’ behaviour, just your own.

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