Bielsa owns up to Spygate and claims he did the same with Argentina as FA probe claims

Bielsa owns up to Spygate and claims he did the same with Argentina as FA probe claims

January 12, 2019 0 By Today news

LEEDS boss Marcelo Bielsa has claimed all responsibility for Spygate and admits it was common practice when he managed Argentina.

Bielsa has caused a huge stir after a club insider was rumbled watching Derby in training ahead of their Championship clash.

Marcelo Bielsa owned up to the incident during an interview with Sky

The spy was quizzed by cops and his vehicle registration proved that his car was provided by Leeds.

And Bielsa openly accepted that the idea was his while admitting he has plenty of experience in spying on his opponents.

The FA confirmed they are looking into the incident and a spokesman said: “We are aware of the incident at Derby County’s training ground and we will be investigating the matter.”

In a interview with Sky ahead of the contest, Bielsa said: “It’s true there was someone from Leeds United,

“The responsibility for this lies with me. I’m responsible.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or illegal, or right or wrong. For me it’s enough that Frank Lampard and Derby County feel it was not the right thing to do and that I didn’t behave well.

Marcelo Bielsa has openly admitted the spy was his idea
The spy was quizzed by cops after being caught at Derby’s training ground
Frank Lampard was working with his side on the training ground when the spy was rumbled
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“Yesterday I talked to Frank Lampard and he told me I didn’t respect the fair play rules,

“I have a different point of view but the important thing is what Frank Lampard and Derby County think.

“I didn’t ask permission from Leeds United to do it so it’s my responsibility.

“I’ve been using this kind of practice since the qualifications for the World Cup with Argentina. It is not illegal we’ve been doing it publicly, we talk about it in the press.

“For some people it’s the wrong thing to do and some people it’s not.”

Frank Lampard was far from pleased about Spygate
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The excuse didn’t wash with Lampard who refused to get drawn into cultural differences.

He added: “At least, on a sportsman’s level, it’s bad in my opinion,

“If we’re going to start talking about ‘culturally, I did it somewhere else’ – that doesn’t work for me.

“If I’m lucky enough to do well and travel to another country I’ll find out what the etiquette is in that country and abide by that.

“It’s disrupted our build-up to this game. People are going to say I’m trying to make an excuse – but I’m going to speak like this after the game win, lose or draw.”