I was 12 when I woke up and ‘Dad’ was naked on top of me and trying to rape me – he only stopped when I kicked him in the groin

I was 12 when I woke up and ‘Dad’ was naked on top of me and trying to rape me – he only stopped when I kicked him in the groin

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A NIGHT of sleepover fun turned into horror for Stacey-Louise Wilson who, aged 12, woke up to her stepdad Kristopher Waddingham, now 43, pinning her down on her bed and forcing her legs open.

Thankfully, she managed kicked him in the groin and fought him off – but his awful actions have stayed with her for life.

Stacey-Louise was delighted when Kristopher first came into her life
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Kristopher was convicted of attempted rape and sentenced to 42 months in jail. “But I’ve got a life sentence,” said heartbroken mum Stacey-Louise, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Now Stacey-Louise has bravely waived her anonymity to tell how the man she considered her father turned on her:

I never knew my biological father, so when I met Kristopher, at age seven, I loved him immediately.

As soon as he started dating my mum, we bonded.

He took me to sweet shops, McDonald’s and car race events on the weekends.

Stacey-Louise around the time her ‘dad’ tried to rape her
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I was over-the-moon to have a father figure in my life.

Kristopher treated me like I was his own child.

He would take me to the park after school and tuck me into bed every night.

He was so kind and sweet, he always told me that I was his special girl.

In 2000 I was a flower girl at my mum and Kristopher’s wedding – I loved it and it felt I finally had the close-knit family I had always wanted.

I wriggled and thrashed about, trying to push him off me, but he was so strong.

Stacey-Louise Wilson27

Years passed and we lived happily together but when I turned 11 in 2002, Kristopher’s behaviour towards me began to change – he started acting weird around me and stare at me around the house.

Kristopher married her mum – but went onto attack her
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Whenever I went for a bath, he would linger around the bathroom and offer me a towel.

I’d politely tell him no and ask him if he could leave the room.

I felt really weird around him. I started to avoid him – I didn’t like it.

On New Year’s Eve 2004, I asked to stay at home with my friend as mum and Kristopher went to a party.

We had a babysitter to look after us and we had a blast – we ate sweets and giggled all night.

At midnight we did the countdown together, watched the fireworks and cheered, it was really fun.

Two hours later mum and Kristopher returned home.

Mum sent my friend and the babysitter home, then Kristopher told me I needed to go to bed.

Stacey is now a mum to four children – but will never forgive the man she considered a father

I kissed them both goodnight and went upstairs to sleep. But an hour later, during the early hours, I woke up to a strange sensation.

It felt like my body was being tugged.

I opened my eyes, and saw Kristopher on top of me, completely naked. My pyjama bottoms and knickers were gone. I was petrified. He pinned my arms down and forced my legs open.

I wanted to scream for my mum but he covered my mouth. I wriggled and thrashed about, trying to push him off me, but he was so strong.

Stacey-Louise recalled how Kristopher was creepy when she was bathing
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Finally, I kicked him as hard as I could in the groin.

It worked as he quickly got off me and ran out of the room, but instead of leaving me alone he just stood outside my door all night… I was terrified and just cried non-stop.

Hours later, I saw the sunlight through my curtains and his shadow finally disappeared.

Distraught I ran out of my room and into mum.

As soon as she saw my red face she knew what had happened.

She ran me a bath and asked if I was okay…. but I stayed silent.

Stacey-Louise has battled to come to terms with what happened
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She viewed him as a father figure – but he betrayed her trust
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She then called the police, and half an hour later, officers arrested Kristopher at our home.

I was crying hysterically, I didn’t understand what was happening.

Police took my bath water for DNA evidence, filling buckets of it, before taking me and mum to the police station where I gave a statement.

After that night night I never saw Kristopher again but kept having nightmares.

In August that year Kristopher pleaded guilty to one count of attempted rape at Lincoln Crown Court and thankfully it meant I didn’t have to give evidence.

Stacey-Louise, pictured with two of her four children
Stacey-Louise had counselling via the NSPCC after her ordeal
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He was sentenced to 42 months in prison, ordered to serve half in custody and the other half on licence with an extension of 32 months on licence afterwards.

Since finding out his sentence, I realised it was me that had the life sentence.

What he did haunts me every day.

I had counselling at the NSPCC and it made me realise I was blameless.

I saw Kristopher as a father but he turned out to be anything but.

I now have four children and am concentrating on being a good mum to them. But what he did will stay with me forever. I will never forgive him.

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