How many carbs are in a slice of bread, chickpeas, popcorn, bulgur wheat, olives and butter? Carbohydrate content explained

How many carbs are in a slice of bread, chickpeas, popcorn, bulgur wheat, olives and butter? Carbohydrate content explained

January 11, 2019 0 By Today news

MANY people who are trying to lose weight will cut out or reduce how much unhealthy food they eat, such as sweet and takeaways.

Even for people trying to eat healthier, carbohydrates are often seen as a source of weight gain and limit its intake. Let’s take a look at this matter a bit more closely…

People often cut out carbs when they’re trying to close weight
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Is this a good way to eat?

Even if you’re trying to shed some pounds, the NHS says you should never completely cut carbs from your diet.

The Government’s healthy eating advice says just over a third of your diet should be made up of carbs, such as pasta, bread, rice or potatoes.

A carbohydrate is one of three macronutrients and forms a large part of our diet, the others being fat and protein.

There are three different types of carbohydrate; sugar, starch and fibre, and the NHS website warns cutting them out completely could put you at risk of developing health problems.

Bulgur wheat is often used as a substitute to rice or cous cous

How many carbs are in bulgur wheat?

Bulgur wheat is from the cereal family and classed as a whole grain.

It contains several types of wheat, mostly durum wheat, and is often used in salads and soups, or as a substitute for rice or couscous.

Bulgur wheat is high in carbs and low in fat, with a 100g serving containing 23.7g of carbohydrates, 0.1g of fat 3.6g of protein, and in total has 117 calories.

The humble loaf comes in many different varieties
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How many carbs are in a slice of bread?

Bread is a staple in many people’s diet, and there are lots of variants.

From sandwiches to pitta, it’s usually quite an easy foodstuff to make and good for on-the-go eating.

  • One slice of white bread contains 12.4g of carbohydrates, 0.8g of fat, 2.2g of protein and is 66.5 calories.
  • One slice of whole-wheat, or brown bread, contains 12g of carbohydrates, 1g of fat, 3.5g of protein and is 70.6 calories.
  • One slice of pitta bread contains 35.2g of carbohydrates, 1.7g of fat, 6.3g of protein and 170.2 calories.
  • One slice of sourdough bread contains 49.8g of carbohydrates, 2.3g of fat, 10.3g of protein and has 261.1 calories.

    Salty and sweet popcorn is a staple of cinemas
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How many carbs are in popcorn?

A go-to snack for a movie or just bingeing a boxset, popcorn can be bought but is also easy to make.

If you’re either making a plain bowl or buying a bag with no flavourings, 100g of white popcorn contains 77.9g of carbohydrates, 4.2g of fat, 12g of protein and has 382 calories.

If you’re adding sugar or salt, it may simply increase the fat and salt content without affecting the carb content.

Butter and bread often go hand in hand
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How many carbs are in butter?

Butter goes hand in hand with bread and often makes an appearance on pasta and potatoes too.

One tablespoon of unsalted butter contains no carbs, but has 11.5g of fat, 0.1g of protein and has 101.8 calories.

One tablespoon of salted butter has the same nutritional amount as unsalted.

Chickpeas are a great addition to a homecooked curry
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How many carbs are in chickpeas?

A tin of chickpeas is often found in most people’s kitchen cupboard, and can spice up a curry.

Part of the legume family, 100g of canned chickpeas contain 13.5g of carbohydrates, 2g of fat, 4.9g of protein and have 88 calories.

How many carbs are in olives?

Olives come in different forms, from black to green and Kalamata, and some are stuffed or drizzled in oil.

This will likely add nutrition to the olives, but a plain 100g of pickled, canned or bottled green olives contain 3.8g of carbohydrates, 15.3g of fat, 1g of protein and have 145 calories.

The same amount of ripe or canned black olives contain 6.3g of carbohydrates, 10.7g of fat, 0.8g of protein and have 115 calories.

And 100g of pitted Kalamata olives have 6.7g of carbohydrates, 26.7g of fat, have no protein and have 266.7 calories.