Sassy mums get one over on their kids with these savage texts

Sassy mums get one over on their kids with these savage texts

January 8, 2019 0 By Today news

MUMS often have to deal with a fair bit from their children.

So it’s no surprise that they sometimes want to get their revenge – as these hilarious texts prove.

There are some very sassy mums out there – as this message shows

We’ve rounded up some of the funniest messages mums have sent to their kids.

In one, a clever parent tricks her child into thinking she’s going to buy them a car – just to get them to reply to her text.

Then there are those who’ve used sassy memes, left passive aggressive notes and played clever pranks on their offspring.

Here are a few of our favourites…

Trick or treat

This cheeky mum tricked her child into thinking they were getting a car

Mummy cool

Another outed her child over something VERY awkward – by parodying their favourite song

That’s just meme

One mum has perfectly mastered the use of memes

Take note

This mum had texted: ‘Your dinner for tonight is in the fridge’

Tough love

One parent couldn’t resist teasing her child over their love life

A wheel wit

This mum wrote a passive aggressive note from her daughter’s car

Not so sexty

This lady employed a very clever tactic to find out what her daughter was up to

Silent treatment

We wouldn’t want to mess with this mum

Meal-ly funny

This poor youngster isn’t getting the dinner they were hoping for

A losing battle

We bet this stung a bit

Bunny awful

Courtney’s mum didn’t have much sympathy for her when she ran over an animal

Dead clever

This quick-thinking parent knew exactly what to say

Feel the burn

One mother managed to roast her child with three little words

Kitchen nightmare

This smart mum wasn’t going to stand for sexism from her son

Locks of love

A sneaky mum thought she’d give her offspring a fright

Cat’s out of the bag

This mother used the family cat to shame her child

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