Five-star hotel on BBC1 documentary caters for drunk Arabs and hookers, claims manager in shocking rant

Five-star hotel on BBC1 documentary caters for drunk Arabs and hookers, claims manager in shocking rant

December 9, 2018 0 By Today news

THE five-star hotel featured in a BBC1 documentary caters for “drunk Arabs and hookers”, a manager claims off-screen.

Hotel For The Rich and Famous is filmed at the £5,000-a-night Corinthia in central London.

The luxury Corinthia hotel is the subject of a BBC documentary

But guest relations manager Isabel Marcilla-Dankworth — shown pandering to guests in the fly-on-the-wall show — hit out in messages discussing a New Year’s Eve event.

She said: “Nobody’s going to miss me other than drunk intoxicated Arabs who just complain because their bitches and hookers don’t get enough food fast enough.”

In other messages she criticised managing director Thomas Kochs, who also appears on the show watched by an audience of around five million. She angrily said that he “only shows his face three hours a day” and “never greets guests” in real life.

The series promises to take viewers behind the scenes at the hotel popular with stars including Beyonce, Rihanna and George Clooney.

Isabel Marcilla-Dankworth isn’t quite as complimentary about the hotel off-screen

Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge recently took over the restaurant — a regular haunt of MPs and government ministers.

In the first episode screened last week and Cuba Gooding Junior gushed about the Corinthia.

Staff were heard discussing Bill Clinton coming to stay and how nice the former US President was.

Meanwhile others fussed over the hotel’s new £65-a-head champagne tea — with guests offered 26 types in silver and gold-plated cups.

Hotel guests want for nothing at the Corinthia

Isabel was seen arranging 83 bright pink balloons for the birthday party of the elderly mother of a wealthy guest.

She says: “We are very excited! The son asked us to do this. He really loves his mum as I can tell.

“He asked us to go a little bit over the top for her but that’s our pleasure, we love to do that for her.

“She’s a beautiful lady.”

Two minutes later she is shown taking the balloons into the room, before opening the doors extravagantly and explaining the guest’s final “beautiful surprise”.

The Corinthia is based in Whitehall, London

However some viewers were left unimpressed by the programme, blasting it as “obscene”.

The show has been well reviewed, but some viewers slammed the opulence on show.

One tweeted it was “obscene” and added: “How are people like this?”

Another wrote: “Nice to see the BBC have still got their grasp on reality — a programme about a hotel for the ‘super-rich and famous’.”

Last night the hotel did not comment on Isabel’s messages.