Who is Anna Richardson? Naked Attraction and Supershoppers host and Sue Perkins’ partner

Who is Anna Richardson? Naked Attraction and Supershoppers host and Sue Perkins’ partner

November 9, 2018 0 By Today news

ANNA Richardson is a leading TV host who has presented several hit shows over the years.

She’s also Great British Bake Off and Bafta TV Awards host Sue Perkins’ partner. Here’s Anna’s story and what telly shows you may recognise her from…

TV star Anna Richardson presents Naked Attraction and Supershoppers
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Who is Anna Richardson?

Anna was born on September 27, 1970, in Wellington, Shropshire.

She was privately educated at The School of St Mary and St Anne, a High Church school, in a small village in Staffordshire.

Her father is a vicar and her mother is a teacher of Religious Education.

She has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Tia, which she adopted from a rescue centre.

What TV programmes has Anna Richardson been in?

Anna started her TV career at The Big Breakfast, on Channel 4, before joining ITV’s Love Bites for six years.

She has also written and produced several TV programmes, including You Are What You Eat.

Anna fronted The Sex Education Show, from 2008, and Secret Eaters, which began in May 2012.

She also presents How Not To Get Old, alongside Louise Redknapp, controversial dating show Naked Attraction and Supershoppers, with co-presenter Sabrina Grant.

She has been dating Sue Perkins since October 2013

What was the Arnold Schwarzenegger defamation case?

In 2004, Anna sued Arnold Schwarzenegger and two of his aides for defamation.

When she said Arnie groped her, in December 2000, his campaign spokesman Sean Walsh went on to deny the claims in the Los Angeles Times – calling them cheap political tricks.

Anna sued the trio, arguing that Sean’s comment suggested she had “deliberately and dishonestly fabricated” her allegations.

The libel case was settled in 2006 – but the details of the settlement were not released.

Naked Attraction
Naked Attraction is a controversial dating show – where the contestants are completely nude
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Who is Anna Richardson dating?

Following the breakdown of her 18-year relationship with TV director Charles Martin, Anna began dating former Great British Bake Off host Sue Perkins.

The pair met at a Halloween party in 2013, and have been inseparable ever since.

“For me, it’s just a case of I am who I am. I’m not interested in being labelled gay or straight, my sexuality is fluid. I’m just me,” Anna told The Telegraph in 2015.

”I just happen to have fallen in love with a woman – simple as that.’’