Where can I buy Mean Girls Halloween costumes from and what other group fancy dress ideas are there?

Where can I buy Mean Girls Halloween costumes from and what other group fancy dress ideas are there?

November 5, 2018 0 By Today news

IF you’re a super-fan of the ‘so fetch’ chick flick Mean Girls then it’s only natual that you’d want to go as a character for Halloween.

But how do you recreate the iconic looks, and which ones are best..? We have all the inspo you need.

The Plastics

Queen Bee Regina George, Gretchen Weiners and Karen Smith make up the Plastics.

They have many iconic outfits in the 2004 movie, all of which are easily recreated.

Plenty of pink and immaculately groomed hair is the first step to any outfit imitating one of the popular girls of North Shore High.


The outfits from the ‘Hi it’s Susan from Planned Parenthood’ scene makes for a great trio Halloween idea[/caption]

A combination of court heels, mini skirts, and pink tops paired with an ‘oh-so-noughties’  handbag will give you the desired look.

And Regina’s famous ‘a little bit dramatic’ t-shirt is actually available for only £17 on 8Ball.


Aaron and Regina make a good pairing for a Halloween costume[/caption]

Why not go as the Plastics on Halloween, on Halloween… completely on brand.

Karen’s “I’m a mouse, duh” is one of the most instantly recognisable, despite the costume being one that nobody ‘got’ in the movie.

Oh, the irony.

The costumes will work best when in a trio, although they could work by themselves too.

If it’s a couples costume you’re after then Regina’s Halloween costume paired with Aaron Samuels’ American Football one is a clear winner.

Another simple and easy look to recreate from Mean Girls is Regina’s cut up tank top witth the purple bra underneath.


Regina makes it work[/caption]

The cover shot


Cadys promo image outfit is so simple it can only really work in a group[/caption]

The movie promo shots sees Cady Heron stood at the front looking rather lost, with Karen, Regina and Gretchen stood behind her looking sassy.

Karen and Gretchen’s outfits are the same as the scene in the shopping mall, but Regina’s has a plain top rather than a printed one and she has a pink pleated skirt instead of a black leather one.

Damien and Janis


If you’re after a simple costume that’ll give people a good giggle, Damien’s costume is a good bet[/caption]

Arguably the best duo of all time, ‘too gay to function’ Damien and Janis Ian – Dyke have some pretty great costumes.

Janis’ jet black hair with plenty of slides and clips paired with dark makeup is instantly recognisable.

And Damien’s blue hoodie and sunglasses combo in the ‘she doesn’t even go here’ scene is a hilarious idea for a Halloween costume.

Other costumes…

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If you were a fan of Mean Girls as a younger then chances are you’ve been watching Riverdale over the past two seasons.

There are plenty of easy to re-create costumes from the CW’s teen drama series, including this one of Betty and Jughead.

A preppy pink and white look with a blonde ponytail makes any Betty Cooper look a 10/10, and for Jughead Jones, a berg-lined denim jacket with a black t-shirt and jeans is all you need.

Well, and a shirt around the waist paired with THE grey crown beanie of course.

River Vixens, unite! Veronia, Betty and Cheryl’s cheerleading costume can be bought on Amazon and paired with some white socks and trainers it’s ready to go.


Orange is the New Black

The OITNB girls’ costumes are pretty easy to imitate.

Seeing as all of the inmates wear the same uniform, any orange (or brown) two-pieces will get you looking like a member of Litchfield prison.