Gym manager shed 14 stone – after a man told her ‘you’d be pretty if you weren’t so fat’

Gym manager shed 14 stone – after a man told her ‘you’d be pretty if you weren’t so fat’

November 5, 2018 1 By Today news

A SUPER slimmer lost a whopping 14 stone to become a gym manager – after a man told her she’d “be pretty if you weren’t so fat”.

For years, Claire Murray, 35, had an unhealthy diet of sausage rolls and crisps but it wasn’t until she struggled to fit into a plane seat on a girls holiday that she vowed to overhaul her lifestyle.

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Claire Murray was told that she’d be pretty if she wasn’t ‘so fat’[/caption]

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In under a year, she shed a whopping nine stone – averaging 8lb a week[/caption]

Claire, from Glasgow, said: “I was bingeing on savoury and fatty foods.

“One man even said ‘you would look so pretty if weren’t fat’.

“I never thought I weighed that much and completely ignored it until I went on holiday.

“I boarded the plane on holiday in June 2015 to Turkey with two of my friends but to my horror – I could barely squeeze my bum into the plane seat.

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She decided to get fit after struggling to fit into a plane seat[/caption]

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When she came back from a girls holiday, she joined a gym – and says she was almost too self conscious to even get through the doors[/caption]

“It was at that moment that I thought to myself that I needed to change my habits and I desperately needed the urge to join the gym.

She hit the gym as soon as she returned from Turkey, running and spinning her way from a size 24 to a size 14 in just ten months.

But such a quick, dramatic weight loss came meant that Claire was left with a load of loose skin around her belly.

After she had the flab cut off, that added an extra stone to her weight loss.

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Soon after joining, however, she found herself going five times a week[/caption]

SWNS:South West News Service

But such a dramatic weight loss left her with a load of excess skin[/caption]

Inspired by her own transformation, Claire took a job running a gym (losing three more stone in the process) and now she can deadlift 120kg – a staggering 18 stone.

“I absolutely love my body now and I now inspire others to help them shed the pounds,” she explained.

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life – but I don’t regret a minute of it.”

She admits that she felt so unconfident about her body that she struggled to walk through the gym doors at first, but she soon found herself going five times a week.

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She’s had to have a stone of flab removed by surgeons[/caption]

“After six months, I even went running at 4.30am in the morning for 10k which was extremely difficult, then straight for a second run after work about 6pm,” she said.

“This was followed straight after by a one-hour spin class.

“The working out got to point where some of my friends decided to distance themselves from me because of my dedication to the programme.”

After ten months, she’d lost almost nine stone – an average of 8lb a week.

Claire’s secret, she says, is having a healthy balanced diet full of ‘clean’ protein sources
SWNS:South West News Service

But because of the super-speed nature of her weight loss, her GP told her that surgery was the only option for getting rid of excess skin.

She paid £6,000 to have a seven-hour tummy tuck at BMI Albyn Hospital in Aberdeen, where surgeons removed a stone of flab.

Claire landed her dream job in June last year, as a general manager of Anytime Fitness in Glasgow.

“It was a hard process but showing off my physique and how I embraced my body managed to help me secure my dream job.

“My secret is a healthy balanced diet – a clean protein source such as chicken and steak.

“If you have the confidence to achieve something like this, then you should certainly go for it.”

If you do have quite a bit of weight to lose, you can reduce how much excess skin you have by losing body fat steadily.

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